Who wants to fire Straus?

By Grassroots America We The People, Joann Fleming 

Members of the Bexar County Executive Committee and Fellow Republican Precinct Chairs,

The Bexar County Republican Party will vote on an official “Rule 44” Censure resolution of Speaker of the House Joseph R. Straus III at its upcoming County Executive Committee meeting on October 9th. If successful, this resolution will be forwarded to the State Republican Party Executive Committee to be adopted as a statewide rebuke of the Speaker. Fifty GOP county party organizations have already passed resolutions disapproving of Speaker Straus in just the last two months.
The censure resolution and background information are linked below, including several videos of parliamentary rulings by the Speaker that are part of the body of evidence supporting the need for this Censure. Please review these documents carefully, be informed, and make your mind up openly. (click on links below to read content)

Rule 44 Resolution to Censure Joe Straus

Resolution Overview

Addendum with Evidential Information Regarding Speaker Straus

Resolution Cover Letter

Press Release, September 15, 2017: Bexar County GOP to Vote on Censure of Speaker Straus

Exchange between State Rep. Tony Tinderholt (Dist. 94) and Speaker Straus, Regular Session (video) 

Exchange between State Rep. Tony Tinderholt and Speaker Straus, Special Session, July 2017 (video)  

Exchange between State Rep. Tony Tinderholt and Speaker Straus, Special Session, July 2017

Exchange between State Rep. Jonathan Stickland (Dist. 92) and Speaker Straus, Special Session (video) 

Exchange between State Rep. Tony Tinderholt (Dist. 94) and Speaker Straus, Special Session (Video)

Background, Current Status, and Next Steps

We want you to know that Bexar County Republican officials are doing everything they can to block any vote on this censure resolution. Republican Party of Bexar County, Robert Stovall, sent an e-letter on Friday announcing that a new Resolutions Committee is being formed which will overhaul how the county party will accept new resolutions. The onerous and cumbersome requirements for precinct chairs to follow when submitting resolutions is outrageous and a blatant attempt to thwart, actually kill our efforts to even bring up a resolution to be discussed openly and voted upon by the members of the Bexar County Executive committee regarding a Rule 44 Censure of Speaker Joe Straus.

These tactics adopted by Chairman Robert Stovall are similar to the tactics used by Speaker Straus and his surrogates in the Texas House of Representatives to kill conservative legislation even priority legislation called by the Governor and passed by the state Senate.

You should know that the Bexar office staff refused to accept and sign for the resolution documents we submitted in person last Friday which we are required to do on a timely basis. Actually we submitted the resolution early. Only a call to Chairman Stovall forced the staff member present, the Director of Operations, to accept and sign for the resolution package. We are following up with a certified mail copy.  It is outrageous that a staff member reporting to Chairman Robert Stovall would treat members of the county party committee with such contempt and disrespect.

Be aware that the RPT Rule on Censuring Republican officials requires the county represented by the Republican public or party office holder to initiate the censure process. Joe Straus, as you well know, represents District 121 in Bexar County.

The resolution identifies a series of abuses by Speaker Joe Straus in opposition to core principles of the Republican Party of Texas. During the recent 85th regular and special legislative session, the divide in the party between Joe Straus and the rest of the state Republican elected leadership and voters was clearly demonstrated.  

Speaker Straus is openly in opposition to the broad agenda of the Party, as reflected in its platform.  But he is also publicly in opposition to Governor Abbott, to Lt. Governor Patrick, to Attorney General Paxton, and hence, to the very core and direction of the entire Republican Party and its leadership. As carefully documented in the censure resolution, Straus and his hand-picked committee chairs have consistently thwarted the consideration and passage of core Republican issues, including property tax reform, pro-life legislation, school choice, property rights, privacy protections and protections of the natural family, and reasonable limitations on government spending. Many of these issues were blocked from consideration on the floor of the House, or were never even heard in committee.  However, the Speaker, through his rulings from the chair, personally thwarted the very operations of the Texas House and blocked elected representatives from representing their constituents by prohibiting legislation from being considered in the full House.

Robert Stovall is behaving in the same way with the members of the Bexar County Executive Committee by blocking our ability to present a resolution before the full body of precinct chairs!

We are working with our legal team to ensure this resolution will be voted on at the next CEC meeting without the obstructive and tyrannical tactics favored by liberals when confronted by conservatives. We are Republicans. Let's act like it!

Our resolution committee of precinct chairs working together to develop this Rule 44 Censure resolution have been called divisive, extremist, shameful, unappreciative of Joe Straus's financial support he doles out to the Bexar County office to ensure their obeisance and subservience.

Our response is simply for all people of goodwill and common sense to look at the facts with an open mind and heart. It is Speaker Straus who has sowed division and conflict at the State legislature working against the priorities of the Governor and Lt. Governor and conservative members of the Texas House. While it is understandable that Chairman Stovall is ashamed that members of the county party he chairs will not be silenced or submit to the shameful behavior of Speaker Straus who represents our district thereby incurring the scorn of the liberal media, we can only say, don't shoot the messenger. As members of the Republican Party of Texas who ratified the Rule 44 Censure at the state convention in 2016, we have every right to invoke this rule and address the abuses of Speaker Straus.

We deserve to be treated with respect as committee members and demand we be given the freedom and opportunity to present the censure case against Speaker Joe Straus at the next county executive committee meeting. We are extremist in the same way conservative Republican icon, Barry Goldwater called out "moderate" RINO Republicans and liberals when he ran for President. He said, "Extremism in defense of liberty is no vice. Moderation in pursuit of justice is no virtue." Texas is the bastion of freedom and tenacious defender of religious and personal liberties. We expect justice to prevail in our determination to put forth this censure resolution. Our freedoms do not come cheap and sadly, at times, fellow Republicans are the agents of injustice and repression of the freedoms we hold dear.

Bexar County Chair Stovall, let the committee vote on the Censure Straus resolution!     

Joe Bissett, PCT 1065
Charlotte Folson, PCT 4046
Paula Moore, PCT 3058
Michael O'Donnell, PCT 2087
Philip Sevilla, PCT 2115
Don Varella, PCT 2040      

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Republican County Executive Committees in these 50 counties have passed resolutions in opposition to Speaker Joe Straus and/or “No Confidence in Straus” Resolutions and/or resolutions in favor of a change in Speaker. Thank you to Coalition members Stacy McMahan (East Texans for Liberty) and Ray Myers (Kaufman County TEA Party) for keeping this list current.