Urgent TX House Speaker Project

On Monday 11/27/17, our latest Coalition Project made clear our
strong stand on the Texas House Speaker Selection Process.
102 individuals signed our Coalition statement, with
81 leaders of unique groups and voting districts.

These leaders stand in support of
TX State GOP Chairman Dickey’s 
line in the sand and
issued its own message to the

Read, download, and share the Coalition statement with your group to let them know what you are doing to hold the Texas House Republican Caucus accountable. 

House Rep. Dist Y/N Dec 1 Yes/No on Bylaws Yes/No on Candidate
Charles "Doc" Anderson (R) 56      
Rodney Anderson (R) 105 Yes Unknown Unknown
Trent Ashby (R) 57 Yes Unknown Unknown
Ernest Bailes (R) 18      
Cecil Bell (R) 3      
Kyle Biedermann (R) 73 Yes Yes Yes
Dwayne Bohac (R) 138      
Dennis H. Bonnen (R) 25      
Greg Bonnen (R) 24      
Cindy Burkett (R) 113      
DeWayne Burns (R) 58      
Dustin Burrows (R) 83 Yes  Yes  Yes
Angie Chen Button (R) 112      
Briscoe Cain (R) 128 Yes Yes Yes
Giovanni Capriglione (R) 98      
Travis Clardy (R) 11 Yes Yes Yes
Byron C. Cook (R) 8      
Scott Cosper (R) 54      
Tom Craddick (R) 82 Yes Yes Yes
John Cyrier (R) 17      
Tony Dale (R) 136      
Drew Darby (R) 72      
Sarah Davis (R) 134      
Jay Dean (R) 7 No Unknown Unknown
Gary Elkins (R) 135      
Wayne Faircloth (R) 23      
Pat Fallon (R) 106 Yes Yes Running for Senate
Dan Flynn (R) 2 Yes Yes Yes
James Frank (R) 69 Yes Yes Yes
John Frullo (R) 84      
Charlie L. Geren (R) 99      
Craig Goldman (R) 97      
Larry Gonzales (R) 52      
Lance Gooden (R) 4      
Cole Hefner (R) 5 Yes Yes Yes
Justin Holland (R) 33      
Dan Huberty (R) 127      
Todd Hunter (R) 32 Yes  Yes Yes 
Jason A. Isaac (R) 45 Yes Yes Yes
Kyle J. Kacal (R) 12      
Mark Keough (R) 15 Yes Yes Yes
Ken King (R) 88      
Phil S. King (R) 61 Yes Yes Yes
Stephanie Klick (R) 91 Yes Yes Yes
Linda Koop (R) 102      
Matt Krause (R) 93 Yes Yes Yes
John Kuempel (R) 44      
Stan Lambert (R) 71      
Brooks Landgraf (R) 81      
Mike Lang (R) 60 Yes Yes Yes
Lyle Larson (R) 122      
Jodie Laubenberg (R) 89      
Jeff Leach (R) 67 Yes Yes Yes
J.M. Lozano (R) 43      
Will Metcalf (R) 16      
Morgan Meyer (R) 108      
Rick Miller (R) 26      
Geanie W. Morrison (R) 30      
Jim Murphy (R) 133      
Andrew Murr (R) 53      
Tom Oliverson (R) 130      
Chris Paddie (R) 9 Yes Unknown Unknown
Tan Parker (R) 63 Yes    
Dennis Paul (R) 129      
Dade Phelan (R) 21      
Larry Phillips (R) 62      
Four Price (R) 87      
John Raney (R) 14      
Matt Rinaldi (R) 115 Yes Yes Yes
Kevin Roberts (R) 126      
Scott Sanford (R) 70      
Matt Schaefer (R) 6 Yes Yes Yes
Mike Schofield (R) 132      
Leighton Schubert (R) 13      
Matt Shaheen (R) 66 Yes Yes Yes
J. D. Sheffield (R) 59 Yes Yes Yes
Hugh D. Shine (R) 55 Yes Yes Yes
Ron Simmons (R) 65 Yes Yes Yes
John T. Smithee (R) 86      
Drew Springer (R) 68      
Phil Stephenson (R) 85      
Jonathan Stickland (R) 92 Yes Yes Yes
Joe Straus (R) 121      
Lynn Stucky (R) 64      
Valoree Swanson (R) 150 Yes Yes Yes
Ed Thompson (R) 29      
Tony Tinderholt (R) 94 Yes Yes Yes
Gary VanDeaver (R) 1      
Jason Villalba (R) 114      
James White (R) 19 Yes Yes Yes
Terry Wilson (R) 20      
Paul D. Workman (R) 47 Yes Yes Yes
John Wray (R) 10      
William "Bill" Zedler (R) 96 Yes Yes Yes
John Zerwas (R) 28      


  Has YOUR Representative responded? If not, see below.


List of Texas House Representatives and contact information may be accessed here.

Your Urgent Call to Action:

  1. If your State Representative is a Republican, call him/her and let them know you expect them to show up at the House Republican Caucus meeting on December 1st to vote on the bylaw changes that support our position!
  2. Please email mcmahan147@gmail.com whether YOUR Republican Representative will be attending the THRC meeting this Friday and will vote on the bylaw changes that support our position!

Don’t leave this to chance.  Call, Email, Tweet, and Facebook message

your State Rep. now!