Texas Cruzer, RPT 2018 Convention Update, Gun Safety Letter


Senator Ted Cruz's Texas Cruz in Gilmer  


Be sure to not miss Senator Cruz's father Rafael Cruz and Bibi Marino at the
La Finca Mexican Restaurant, 12:00 pm, Thursday in Gilmer. 

East Texans for Liberty has been asked to provide an update on the
Republican Party of Texas 2018 Convention.

RPT Chair and Vice Chair Results: 
  • James Dickey was overwhelmingly re-elected as RPT Chairman. 
  • Alma Jackson was overwhelmingly elected as RPT Vice-Chair. 
For Senate District 1 SREC's: 
  • Sue Evenwel, Titus County, was re-elected as the female SREC. 
  • Robert "Bob" Kecseg, Wood County, was elected as the male SREC. Kecseg replaces SREC Dennis Cable.
Convention Committees: 
  • Tracy Vincent, Gregg County, was appointed for the Platform Committee.
  • Sue Evenwel, Titus County, was appointed for the Credentials Committee. 
  • Gary Nice, Gregg County, was elected for the Rules Committee. 
  • Vernon Eastepp, Red River County, was appointed on the Organizational Committee. 
  • Sharon Guthrie, Smith County, was appointed on the Legislative Priorities Committee. (New Committee.)  
  • Stacy McMahan, Upshur County, was elected as the State Nominee Committee Member. 
  • Chris Dux, Lamar County, was elected as the Senate District Caucus Chairman. 
From Chairman Dickey: 

The RULES that will govern our party for the next two years:


The PLATFORM that we will abide by and defend:


The PRIORITIES that we will promote:



Senate District 1's State Senator Bryan Hughes, House Representative Matt Schaefer (HD6), House Representative Cole Hefner (HD5), House Representative Jay Dean (HD7), and House Representative Chris Paddie (HD9) all made an appearance with Hughes, Schaefer, Hefner, and Paddie addressing the SD Caucus.

Looking forward, the November 2018 general election is coming up quickly, after which the 2019 legislative session will begin.  The next election-cycle where we will have another Republican Party of Texas convention is in 2020:  if you want to attend, or help send good people to attend, there are a series of steps.  First is the precinct conventions in March 2020, held immediately after the Republican primary voting is finished, followed by the county convention.  Any legal resident who is a registered voter can be a delegate to precinct conventions -- and that is where you elect folks that become delegates to county, who in turn choose delegates that will attend the RPT 2020 convention in Houston and pick the national delegates that will help nominate the 2020 Republican nominee for president (as well as set the national party rules that govern how presidential elections are held). 

Check out Senate District 1 SREC Bob Kecseg's article entitled
"Regarding Gov. Abbott's Proposal to Address Gun Violence."