Patrick: Not enough money is spent on education is spent on our teachers

Yesterday, Texas Scorecard covered Texas’ “Big 3” Announce Agreement on State’s Priority Issues with Governor Greg Abbott, Lt. Governor Dan Patrick, and new House Speaker Dennis Bonnen. 

by Dustin Sensky

A top issue to East Texans for Liberty discussed in the article is teachers.  

“Next to the parent, the teacher is the single most important person in the life of the student,” said Patrick. “Not enough money spent on education is spent on our teachers.”

Bonnen echoed that sentiment, mentioning that he has heard many teachers say the only way they could get increased pay was to take on an administrative role at the district level. “The path to more money in education should not be outside the classroom,” Bonnen said. “Teachers will be the focus.”

We could not agree more!

For years, teachers have been asked to accept lower pay, make significant cuts in their departments, and forced to cover the costs of supplies in their classrooms, while funding for education, allocated through the state, failed to funnel past ISD administrations.

ET4L will be watching this legislation closely in hopes that the “Big 3” can get it done for our Texas teachers during the 86th Legislative Session.

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