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We, with East Texans for Liberty, are working with the Gregg County Republican Party to do a House District 7 call on very important issues concerning legislation for the safety of our children in restrooms, etc in our state. 

If you wish to have your number added to this call list, please write us at with your number and acceptance. 

If you have any questions, please call us at (903) 500-2292 or call or text at (903) 746-1044 mobile. 

85th Legislative Session - Supported Bills


  • SB 415 Perry & HB 844- prohibiting dismemberment
  • HB 948 Tinderholt – abolish abortion

*Protecting Religious Liberty

  • SB 24 Huffman- sermons
  • SB 6 Kolkhorst – “Bathroom bill” or “Privacy bill”
  • SB 651 Perry – can’t limit the ability to get license based on religious belief

*Securing the Grid

  • SB 83 Hall & HB 407 Tinderholt– protect the grid
  • HB 788 Parker – security advisory committee and $25 Million to be appropriated to from the general revenue fund to the Public Utility Commission of Texas.

*Election Integrity

  • HB 1271 Lang – uniform election dates
  • HB 1061 Rinaldi & HB 1072 Lang – closed primaries
  • SB 363 Perry & HB 151 Simmons – require preservation of ballot images and paper backups to electronic voting; make elections uniform

*Property Tax Reform

  • SB 2 Bettencourt – reform and relief, voter approval to raise taxes for over 4%
  • HB 1050 Swanson – abolish property tax

*Educational Freedom/Parental Choice

  • HB 1335 Simmons – Educational Savings Accounts for Special needs
  • SB 542 Bettencourt & HB 1184 Bohac – tax breaks for employers who provide scholarships and empower parents with more options for the education of their children
  • HJR Keough 62 & SJR 33 Huffines – Constitutional Amendment to protect private and home schools from state and local regulation

*Transportation Reform

  • HB 1050 Swanson – abolish it

Border Security

  • HB 1222 Rinaldi – business license suspension
  • HB 393 Stickland, HB 753 Keough & HB 767 Fallon – In-state Tuition
  • HB 889 Geren & HB 1308 Holland – sanctuary cities

*American Laws for American Courts

  • HB 45 Flynn/Leach/Burkett & HB 498 Fallon – clarify that a state court can not apply foreign law that would violate fundamental, constitutional rights

*Asset Forfeiture

  • SB 380 Burton

*Eminent Domain

  • SB 555 Kolkhorst – land grab & water

Intrastate Commerce Improvement

  • SB 92 Hall – ensure uniformity by local municipalities in line with state law on discrimination

Transparency at all levels of government

  • SB 137 Taylor – lobbying activities by state employees
  • HB 444 Fallon – creating a criminal offense to lobby by former members of the Texas Legislature

Constitutional Carry

  • HB 375 Stickland


  • SB 23 Schwertner – state contractors must utilize e-verify

* = ET4L supports and is watching closely


Secure the Grid

In accordance with:
  • 2016 Texas GOP platform, page 17;
  • 2016 National Republican Party platform, page 6; and
  • President of the United States, while President-Elect, on November 21, 2016, stated that he would ask, "the Department of Defense and the Chairman of the Joint Chief's of Staff to develop a comprehensive plan to protect America's vital infrastructure from cyber-attacks and all other forms of attack."
ET4L sent a letter, along with other conservatives across Texas, to Lt. Governor Dan Patrick expressing our strong support of the passage of Senator Bob Hall's SB 83.  Read the letter here or below.

S.B. 3 also known as "School Choice"


Lt. Governor Dan Patrick's Press Conference rolling out "School Choice."  Watch by clicking here.

S.B. 3 - An act relating to the establishment of an education savings account program and a tax credit scholarship and educational expense assistance program. Also known as "School Choice."  Read the text here

After a large number of requests, ET4L has scheduled Aaron Ceder, with Texans for Education Opportunity, to come and speak on Monday, April 24, 2017. Mr. Ceder has assured us that he will be able to address any and all questions pertaining to this bill.  See the details on this meeting here.

Below is a breakdown submitted by Texans for Education Opportunity.  A copy will be available at our next meeting on February 13, 2017. 

For informational purposes only.  



Representative Jay Dean to support Convention of the States

A message from Representative Jay Dean (HD 7)

Dear Fellow Texans:

Thank you for reaching out to my office regarding this important issue. I greatly appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedule to share with me your support for a Convention of the States.

As we know all too well, Federal overreach is harmful to our values, especially the liberty we hold so dear. I am a strong supporter of Governor Abbott's initiative with respect to the call for a Convention of States, and I applaud his efforts. I am in contact with the regional representative, Kent Lawson, advocating for the call for a convention. I will sign on as a Coauthor to HJR 39 calling for the Texas Legislature to apply to Congress to call a convention under Article V of the United States Constitution.

I am honored to have the privilege of serving you in the Texas House of Representatives. Please do not hesitate to contact me if I may be of any assistance.

God Bless,


Upshur County Inaugural Reception 2017

Upshur County Inaugural Reception 2017

In appreciation from:

Irene and Jerry May
Anita and Joey Lowe
Lisa Gaines - LadyFingers
Commissioner Mike and Debi Spencer
Commissioner Don and Joy Gross
Representative Elect Jay Dean
Miriam Hill - HillTx Insurance Group
Rachel Easley - Studio 271
Stacey and Gary Nolen –
Titus-Camp-Morris-Upshur Board of Realtors
Lori Metcalf - Lori’s Eats & Sweets
Janice Gage – Rotary Club & Chamber of Commerce
Pam and Haskell Dean
Laurie and David Fisher
Jimmy Sanders
Darlene and John Rappazzo
Sherry and Gene Breedlove
Brenda and Tom Evans
Mary Anne and Richard Farrow
Stacy and Harry McMahan
Desiree and David Watts
Jeremiah Hunter
& all the grateful citizens of Upshur County 

Happy Thanksgiving

Gregg County Judge Stoudt Named to State Commission


AUSTIN – A Gregg County man has been selected by the governor to serve on the Commission on Jail Standards. He is Gregg County Judge Bill Stoudt. He was named by Governor Abbott as presiding officer of the commission. His term will expire January 31st, 2019. Three others were also appointed to the panel. The commission establishes standards for the care and treatment of county prisoners, construction, maintenance and operation of county jails.

Stoudt served as the Gregg County Judge since 2003. He is a member of the Texas Association of Counties, Gregg County Bail Bond Board and the Longview Rotary Club and founder of Boys & Girls Club of East Texas and the Centurion Club. He is chairman of the 1-20 East Texas Corridor Advisory Committee, East Texas Council of Governments and the Gregg County Juvenile Board, and he is a community advisor for the Junior League of Longview. Additionally, he is a former director and former chairman of the Longview Economic Development Corporation, Gregg County Appraisal District, City of Longview Higher Education Council, Cherokee Water Company and Regions Bank.

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East Texans for Liberty congratulations Judge Stoudt.

Senator Bob Hall on Election Integrity

Serving the counties of District 2: Fannin, Delta, Hunt, Hopkins, Rains, Rockwall, Kaufman, Van Zandt, and part of Dallas County

Election Integrity
A government for the People only exists by the People when the People have confidence that the results of an election are a reflection of the collective intent of the voters. That confidence will cease to exist when the ability to post-facto, independently confirm that all votes cast were counted as intended by each voter, and that no improper votes were included in the count. Without election integrity, America will become a third-world banana republic in which the people have no voice in who is declared the winner in any election.
It had been the confidence in the integrity of our elections that has set the United States of America apart from all other nations when we transfer power from one political party to another  through free and open elections rather than bloodshed. The fights have been fought in political campaigns rather than on a battlefield and whether a party liked the results or not, everyone accepted the outcome without violence because people believed that those outcomes were honestly the democratic will of the people.
Over the years what is regarded as a sacred right for citizens of a free nation to determine the governance of their country has now become an obligation for some and a nuisance for others. Some people are disengaged because they are suffering from campaign fatigue. They’ve heard one too many political ads and are to the point that they just want it to all go away. Others believe their single vote does not matter, forgetting that in a system where every vote is counted, their vote could be the deciding factor. But more and more, there are those who are concerned that the integrity of the election system has been compromised to the point that the elections can be manipulated or rigged.
While I do not believe that our elections are "rigged," I am concerned that court decisions, increased reliance on technological advances, and a deterioration of procedures originally established to protect election integrity, are issues threatening the integrity of our election process. If these are not quickly addressed with meaningful change, we may soon see a time when mistrust in the outcome of elections is fully warranted.
The first of those issues is the Voter ID legislation that was passed in Texas in 2011. The bill was challenged in court and the 5th Circuit recently ruled that the requirement to show specified identification was discriminatory and required the state to agree to include voter registration cards, birth certificates, utility bills, paycheck stubs and government documents with the voter’s name and address. If someone were attempting to access your checking account, I surely hope the bank does not take a utility bill as proof of your identification. Such a document could easily be forged or stolen from a mailbox. Is your vote less important than your money? New legislation must be passed during the upcoming legislative session to ensure that our election process allows all who are eligible and choose to vote, to do so, to ensure that an individual can only vote once and reduce opportunities for fraud or error to change an election outcome. Also regulations that sacrifice integrity for convenience in our election system must be eliminated and legislation which prohibits any state agency from waiving any procedure or requirement that could (intentionally or inadvertently) jeopardize election integrity must be enacted. 
While lack of individual voter identification can result in a person voting more than once or an ineligible person casting a vote, there is an even more serious threat to election integrity. Electronic ballots without a paper trail create an unacceptable flaw in our ability to confirm the integrity of an election.
The Office of Attorney General is currently in the process of looking into discrepancies in the Republican primary election held in Hill County. According to a complaint filed with the Secretary of State's office, in that county, “the difference between the official results and the Combination forms is 1,743 or, 19.29 % of the official results have NO VOTERS to account for said ballots.” That allegation is alarming. What is even more alarming is that it was not brought up by election officials in the county, but by a third party after the votes had been canvased and certified correct.
In an attempt to explain away this discrepancy, the company that provided the voting machines in Hill County said election personnel failed to follow standard protocol to reconcile their votes prior to the canvasing process. While we will never eliminate human error, the candidates in races in that county have no way of knowing the actual outcome of their races and no recourse to effect a change if the canvassed result is in error. That is a major problem that brings into question the integrity of elections in any place using electronic balloting. It is simply a statement of fact that without a paper there is no way to conduct a meaningful recount. We must also have regulations to automatically require a recount if the reconciled votes show a discrepancy of more than 1/2 percent.
The sad truth, that most citizens are not aware of, is that today, where electronic voting machines are used, it is not possible to say with any degree of certainty that the election outcome as indicated by the electronic device is consistent with the collective intent of the voters.
The people of Texas want, and deserve an election process that is above reproach. Rest assured, the changes needed to return integrity to Texas elections will be addressed these issues will be addressed in the upcoming session. We will propose legislation to ensure that we have the tools and procedures so Texas citizens can be confident their vote counts.

Senator Hall on Religious Liberty, Election Integrity, and 2017 Legislative Priorities

Senator Bob Hall (SD 2) on Religious Liberty, Election Integrity, and 2017 Legislative Priorities - VIDEO date 10/18/16

Religious Liberty WATCH HERE

Election Integrity WATCH HERE

2017 Legislative Priorities WATCH HERE