David Watts joins race for House District 7



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From David Watts Campaign: 

GILMER, TX - David Watts, conservative Republican, business consultant, and 2012 candidate for Texas Land Commissioner, has announced his candidacy for Texas House of Representatives District 7. House District 7 encompasses both Gregg and Upshur counties and includes the communities of Longview, Lakeport, Kilgore, Gladewater, White Oak, Liberty City, Big Sandy, Gilmer, Ore City, and Diana.

Watts officially filed for the office on Wednesday, July 1 after State Representative David Simpson announced his intention to run for the Texas Senate.

Watts said of his campaign, “For years we have seen a relentless assault on our liberties from an intrusive Federal Government. Dark storm clouds of judicial activism and executive branch overreach are a grave threat to our representative republic. We have no need for placeholder politicians who bend with every breeze of public opinion. In East Texas we must be served by a bold champion for conservative solutions -- someone who will work to aggressively restrain government and restore the promise of Liberty. The theme of this campaign is crystal clear. With every ounce of my ability I will work for this: Less Government. More Liberty.”

As of his filing, more than 150 citizens and conservative leaders in House District 7 have endorsed David Watts in his bid for the Texas House of Representatives.

David Watts, his wife, and their three children have lived in the Longview area for the past 16 years. David served as full time evangelist in Longview for six years, has made four extended preaching trips to India, and is currently a business and technology consultant residing in Upshur County with his wife, children, and extended family. He is the author of the Korean War historical fiction novel, Hope in Hungnam.


Ratcliffe: SCOTUS ruling on same-sex marriage



U.S. Rep. Ratcliffe Statement on SCOTUS Ruling on Same-Sex Marriage


WASHINGTON, DC - U.S. Representative John Ratcliffe (R-TX) released the following statement on the Supreme Court’s decision regarding same-sex marriage:

"My faith is very important to me and serves as a guiding light for the values I hold dear. Thus, I believe marriage is the union of one man and one woman and disagree with today’s Supreme Court decision. This view is shared by many Americans that have continually gone to the ballot boxes in their respective states to register this very position. 

The American people have been engaged in an ongoing national conversation about marriage. Yet today, five judges prematurely cut that conversation short. The same Court that previously reserved this issue to the states has now deemed itself a legislature, overriding the votes of millions of Americans instead of ruling on what the Constitution requires.  

I agree with Governor Abbott’s statement that, 'Despite the Supreme Court’s rulings, Texans’ fundamental right to religious liberty remains protected.' I am committed to ensuring that this ruling does not force any Texan to act in a way that violates his or her religious beliefs."

Longview Mayor Declares August Traditional Marriage Month


City of Longview to acknowledge August as 

Traditional Marriage Month

The Mayor and City of Longview to acknowledge August as "Traditional Marriage" Month...

Thank you to Longview Mayor, Andy Mack, for his prompt acknowledgement and signing of the below Traditional Marriage Proclamation. He was delighted to have this proclamation brought before him and the City of Longview.

AND I must also thank Mr. David Watts, Jr. for working with myself and other citizens in our area to bring this proclamation before the City of Longview.

It is important that voices on BOTH sides of this important issue be recognized.

An official and timely announcement of this proclamation will be made at the We The People-Longview monthly meeting on Monday, August 3rd.

Thank you,

Cindy Schwartz

Doctor on marijuna

(This is why the We The People-Longview Tea Party Executive Board opposes HB2165, Legalization of  Marijuana Bill introduced by State Representative David Simpson. Our Press Release on this issue is posted below.)

To Whom It May Concern:

There has been a lot of discussion and testimonials from Representative David Simpson advocating the introduction of Marijuana in Texas.
As a Christian physician and engrafted Texan (got here as soon as possible) I felt my fellow citizens deserved factual information concerning this issue. A physician friend who has been in addiction medicine for over 20 years and who practiced in Colorado and California provided insights and direction to the American Cancer Society and California Societies of Addiction Medicine thru which a great amount of scientific research has been carried out on marijuana.

The following is taken from the website of the California Addiction Society.

Dr. Jim Farr

MARIJUANA has been studied and the research done by doctors and scientists has shown the following consequences:

Short Term…
Marijuana intoxication causes well defined impairments of *memory, *sense of time, *sensory perception, *attention span, *problem solving, *verbal fluency, *reaction time, and psychomotor control. Therefore, impairment of intellectual activities as well as activities that require bodily control such as driving. These effects last 1-4 hours depending on the potency of the marijuana, the route of administration and the tolerance of the user.
Long Term…
Heavy marijuana use can cause subtle but persisting impairments in brain function that impact memory, attention, learning and information processing. Compared to adults, children and adolescents have a much greater vulnerability to the toxic effects of marijuana on the Brain, especially when alcohol and marijuana are used together.

Mental Health…
Heavy use can lead to addiction.
Marijuana can cause psychosis a state of mind characterized by an inability to distinguish between what is real and what is not.
Marijuana increases the risk of developing schizophrenia.
Marijuana has been strongly associated with panic, anxiety and depression disorders.
Social Function…
Marijuana use is strongly associated with poor school performance.
Among adolescents with pre-existing educational difficulties, marijuana may lead to school failure, an event with lifelong consequences or occupational opportunity.
Among adults, marijuana is associated with lower occupational status and higher unemployment.

Health Effects…
Marijuana smoke contains much of the same tar and chemicals found in tobacco smoke, leading to inflammation of the lungs and chronic lung disease.
Marijuana harms cells lining the respiratory tract, leading to precancerous changes associated with lung cancer, as well as head and neck cancer.
Marijuana stimulates the heart rate and blood pressure which increases the risk of heart attack among individuals with pre-existing heart disease.

Reproductive Effects…
The compounds found in marijuana readily cross the placenta where the growing fetus absorbs them and passes them into breast milk where the nursing infant ingests them.
Marijuana used during pregnancy and early development has been linked to low birth weight, developmental delay and behavioral problems including addiction.
Marijuana affects many aspects of reproductive physiology in both men and women, though the long-term consequences of these effects remain unclear.

The numerous claims of pain control, seizure control, treatment of multiple sclerosis, and other neurologic disease have not been valid when studied scientifically and amount to testimonials not science.

Below please find closing comments from Dr. Jim Farr…
Dr. Watson has first-hand experience with the Colorado experiment which he states “has failed miserably economically and socially.” There is no way to track sales. All business is cash (banks will not handle Marijuana funds). Therefore, no tracking, tax revenue or accountability exists.

Representative Simpson has declared this is a plant God made and should not be regulated by the government. Since it is highly addictive (#1 in the world) who else but the government can regulate. Scripture clearly establishes in Romans 13 that government is established by God and under His authority…a minister of God, an avenger who brings wrath on the one who practices evil.

In Chapter 14 it points out that all of our actions are to honor God and uplift our weaker brother and avoid participation in and contributing to activities which might cause him to stumble.

Marijuana is a harmful substance physically, mentally, socially and economically. It decreases the ability to become all for which we are created and numbs the mind and body even more than alcohol or tobacco with no clear medical use proven and reproduced by scientific research.
We need to make wise decisions concerning laws we allow on our children and community as we properly divide and discern the Word of Truth into each aspect of our lives. Texans beware of another attempt to dumb you down and make you subject to “One” other than your Maker.


Legislative Wrap-Up with Rep's Hughes & Simpson PLUS: Sen Cruz's ETX Regional Director Daniel Alders

Representative David Simpson - HD 7

Representative Bryan Hughes - HD 5


Representatives Bryan Hughes & David Simpson will provide a legislative wrap-up
of the 84th Regular Legislative Session with Q & A

Monday, June 22, 2015

7:00 PM - 8:30 PM

Disabled American Veteran
1924 N Wood St.
(271, across from Walmart)
Gilmer, Texas

PLUS: Senator Ted Cruz's East Texas Regional Director Daniel Alders.  Alder's will discuss trade, TPP, and TPA. 

For those opposed to Longview's LGBT proclamation: TAKE ACTION!

FOR THOSE WHO ARE OPPOSED TO THE LGBT PROCLAMATION signed by Longview's new Mayor, Andy Mack, please attend the Longview City Council Meeting on Thursday, June 11. Details below:

5:30 p.m.
June 11, 2015
300 West Cotton Street
Jo Ann Metcalf Municipal Building
City Hall Council Chamber

The agenda does allow time for Citizen Comments. Please review the meeting agenda HERE.


Please note: All who want to make comments during City Council meetings must fill out a "Comment Card". These are located on table at entrance to the city council chambers. A city official will be at door to take completed cards to the Mayor before meeting begins.

Special thanks to WTP LGW for details and agenda info.

Thomas Ratliff will not seek re-election for State Board of Education


A State Board of Education trustee who campaigned on righting a ship he felt had listed too far to the right announced Monday he will not seek re-election to represent Gregg and Northeast Texas counties.

Republican Thomas Ratliff of Mount Pleasant said he will serve the remainder of his term to December 2016.

“I’m not going to go quietly in my last 18 months,” he added. “I may be a duck, but I’m not considering myself lame.”

The State Board of Education chooses textbooks for public education and oversees the nearly $40 billion Permanent School Fund.

The textbook selection process had drawn international media attention when Ratliff decided to seek office, as far-right conservatives fought off mention of climate change in textbooks, and insisted they teach that Moses greatly influenced America’s founders and include creationism in science texts.

A moderate Republican, Ratliff set out to ease political partisanship on the nine-member elected board. The 31 counties in his District 9 are home to 1.6 million Texans and more than 180 school districts.

“When I first decided to run, it was right after the somewhat infamous social studies adoption,” Ratliff said, noting he was the only member with children in public school when he took office. “The majority of the board at the time, to me it felt like, was more motivated by politics and ideology than by education. In my 4 1/2 four-and-a-half years so far, we’ve got, including me, eight new members that weren’t there when I got there. I think that has helped as much as anything. And, we’ve got people on there that have kids in public schools, have family members who work in public schools.”

Ratliff wanted a closer relationship between the sometimes distant board and educators on the ground.

“I have been and will continue to be an advocate for local control,” he said, noting his support for legislation that which allowed school districts to pick their own textbooks without losing state funds to buy them. “Now, they get the same amount of money, The state gives all the money to the district and says, ‘You determine what you’re going to buy with it.’ We’re going to let 7,000 elected (school) board members run their districts.”

Ratliff is the son of former Sen. and acting Lt. Gov. Bill Ratliff, R-Mount Pleasant. The elder Ratliff wrote much of today’s Public Education Code and school finance formulas. His brother, Republican Bennett Ratliff of Coppell, is a former state representative.

Thomas Ratliff said he had no political office in his future sights. A lobbyist for several companies including Microsoft, he said he will continue pursuing that career — without taking fire from political enemies who accused him of using his office to benefit clients.

“I’ll continue to earn a living,” he said. “I don’t have to worry about getting attacked for who I am or what I am. ... I think, by and large, I can look behind me and say I accomplished a lot of good things.”


Read more here.

Longview Mayor Andy Mack Declares June LGBT Pride Month


The new Mayor of Longview, Andy Mack, signed a Proclamation declaring June, 2015 
as LGBT Pride Month in Longview. 
(Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender)

Please see below...

AND...King Obama just signed a Presidential Proclamation declaring June, 2015 as LGBT Pride Month.

See here for more info on Obama


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Obama's Executive Amnesty suffers another defeat

Obama's Executive Amnesty suffers another defeat in court. Lawsuit has helped restore the Rule of Law. This is a victory for the Constitution.

Watch: Greg Abbott vs. Obama's Executive Amnesty - Michelle Malkin on FOX News

Happy Memorial Day - Remember & Honor