Nanny State Mental Health Bills Are Coming Out Of The 86th Legislative Session

ET4L has been sounding the alarm concerning
SB 10, SB 11, et al
aka academic mental health centers.

As promised, see the Coalition For Protection of Parental Rights Press Release concerning the consortium and learn what the 'trauma-informed care' bills mean for you and your children. 
Thank you to these TX House Reps for voting to push back against the legal drugging of our children...

Biedermann; Bohac; Cain; Craddick; Darby; Frank; Hefner; King, P.; Klick; Krause; Lang; Middleton; Noble; Parker; Patterson; Sanford; Schaefer; Shine; Smithee; Springer; Stephenson; Stickland; Swanson; Tinderholt; Toth; White; Wilson; Zedler 
More information concerning the
academic mental health bills will be released soon. 

Keep an eye out 

for this information and be ready to
call your Senator to tell them to vote 'NO'.