ET4L event draws big crowd, officials (Photos)



An article printed in the Gilmer Mirror, "ET4L event draws big crowd; officials" by Phillip Williams concerning East Texans for Liberty's 4th Annual Stars of Texas Fall Celebration. 

"A crowd estimated at more than 180 attended East Texans for Liberty’s “Fourth Annual Stars of Texas Fall Celebration, at which Republican candidates Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, State Representative Matt Schaefer, and U.S. Louie Gohmert were among the many speakers at the Gilmer Civic Center on Saturday night.

Attendees also heard a video message from Republican U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, who is seeking re-election and whose father, Rafael Cruz spoke the benediction.

Paxton, who with Schaefer was listed as the keynote speakers, said he had sued then-President Obama 27 times in 27 months, and had sued the Trump Administration 11 times, 10 of those based on matters related to Obama.

While he has sued the federal Department of Education, Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Labor, Paxton said, “one case tells everything” – an immigration case “indicative of everything Obama did” when the then-President allegedly changed the law on immigration.

Paxton said “Texas led the way” among 26 states contesting that and “We beat the Department of Justice at every step.

“Nobody was gonna stop it but Texas,” the attorney general said.

Addressing the Cruz race, Paxton alleged that supporters were sending $38 million to his Democratic opponent, Robert (Beto) O’Rourke because “if they take Texas, they take America.”

Gohmert, who was not on the program to speak but was asked to address the approximately 2-hour, 45-minute event, criticized the National Rifle Association, which he said had given him a “B plus” grade and not endorsed him because it “was wrong” on a certain bill.

While saying “thank God for the NRA” Gohmert said the problem with the proposal he opposed was that it would have combined “a good bill with a bad one.”  He said the Senate would only have passed the part he objected to.

He also praised State Sen. Bryan Hughes (who led the invocation) and David Barton of the Wallbuilders organization, who also spoke.

Schaefer said life was the top issue in his office as “We kill over 55,000 babies in Texas every year” through abortion.

He also said the country does not have “the rule of law regarding immigration,” which has created “public health issues.”

In his video, Cruz said “We’ve been fighting side-by-side for conservative principles” and “now is not the time to give one inch to the lift,” which he said wants “to send a gun-grabbing liberal (O’Rourke) to the Senate to represent Texas” and impeach President Trump.

Another speaker, Republican Party of Texas Vice-Chairman Alma Perez Jackson, said that while there had been such division in the GOP that she once thought “y’all can all just go to hell,” the state Republican Party has “the best platform” inasmuch as it is pro-family and pro-God.

“I know this country’s so special “cause he (God) gave us Donald Trump,” said Jackson, confessing that, “I (once) thought who is this bozo with orange hair?” But “he’s just what we needed,” she declared, adding “We’ve gotta build that wall (Trump has proposed at the border with Mexico) and there’s more tax cuts coming from the middle class.”

Other speakers included attorney/author KrisAnne Hall, who defended the Second Amendment at length, and a representative of the Tea Party in Edom community.

Wayne Christian, a member of the Texas Railroad Commission (which he noted no longer actually regulates railroads, but instead oil, gas, and coal) was master of ceremonies. ET4L President Stacy McMahan opened the event."

A special note from East Texans for Liberty PAC’s President Stacy McMahan

"The East Texans for Liberty PAC’s Executive Board and team members are very grateful to everyone that attended our 4th Annual Stars of Texas Fall Celebration Gala on Saturday, October 27, 2018, held at the Gilmer Civic Center. 

Stars of Texas Gala – 2018 Photographs - Available until January 1, 2019

Also, our deepest appreciation to the two Liberty Award recipients:  State Senator Bryan Hughes (Mineola, Texas) and JoAnn Fleming, the Executive Director of Grassroots America – We The People (Tyler, Texas).

Special thanks to Lisa Long with the Gilmer Civic Center, Char Doonan with Char Doonan Photography, Tonya Allen with Mama Tee’s Catering, and Upshur County Sheriff Larry Webb."

~ Stacy McMahan