Ensuring Election Integrity


Election Integrity Legal Case Pending
in Texas Third Court of Appeals

Computerized voting machines have been operating for over a decade and Texans don't trust them--and now we know why.  Dr. Laura Pressley's historic election contest has uncovered electronic voting machine corruption errors, security breaches, missing back up tapes and no ballot images exist for a legal recount in Texas. 

Pressley's landmark election integrity legal case is currently pending in the Third Court of Appeals and a ruling could come any day.   Thank you to our supporters and contributors for investing their time and support so that honest and fair elections, that follow the letter of the law, happen in Travis County.  

November 2016 Election Integrity in Texas
We have been working hard to ensure that Texas election results in November are honest, fair and accurately represent voters' intent. 
We ARE keeping our paper backup records for the November Election--Latest Updates
  • Texas Secretary of State's Election Division Director, Keith Ingram, proposed last minute electronic voting machine rule changes that would have eliminated three paper backup records for the November elections.  Details are reported here by Family Security Matters.
  • Senator Don Huffines issued a press release outlining his opposition to the proposed rule changes.  See below. 
  • Hundreds of grass roots activists from all over Texas contacted Governor Abbott, Lt. Gov. Patrick, Speaker Straus, Representative Jodie Laubenberg (Chair of Election Committee), the Secretary of State's office, and others.  Texans emailed and called and registered their strong opposition to the elimination of paper backup records and requested a public hearing. 
  • The calls were successful!  The proposed rule changes to eliminate paper backup records for electronic voting in November were officially postponed and a public hearing is to be held in December.  More to come on the exact date and location for the public hearing.
  • To register your opposition to the proposed rule changes, contact the state officers noted at the end of this article.
What are the paper backup records for electronic voting inTexas?
Poll Watchers are entitled by Texas law to monitor the printing of these records
  • Zero Tapes printed directly before the polls open to ensure no advanced votes are stored on equipment,
  • Paper Results Tapes and Tally Lists printed when the polls close for Early Voting andElection Day before the electronic voting equipment leaves the polling location,
  • Paper Audit Logs printed at the main tabulation computer at the county election office,and
  • Printed Ballot Images for Recounts

State Senator Huffines Speaks Out

The Honorable State Senator Don Huffines issued a powerful press statement that highlights his strong support for paper backup records for electronic voting in Texas.  He opposes any changes that would eliminate those crucial records:

"[The Texas Secretary of State's Election Division] Proposed updates, to the way elections are run in Texas, would wrongly reduce paper records and backups when we ought to be tightening security by making sure we keep proper records."

"The state's chief election officers must reconsider and redraft their proposed election rules to pursue more real-time paper records and backups, not fewer...The comfort & convenience of election administrators should not take priority over voters' confidence and election integrity."
State Senator Huffines  responds to a last minute rule change that was proposed by the Texas Office of the Secretary of State's Election Division (SoS), the chief elections officer in Texas.  

Senator Don Huffines has demanded that the SoS either significantly rewrite, or do away with the proposal to end the practice of printing real-time paper records for electronic voting. 

We need "more real-time paper paper backup records, not fewer," he says.


New Electronic Voting Machines for Texas
Are Being Evaluated Now 
  • Public hearings on new electronic voting machines from two vendors, Hart InterCivic and ES&S, were held in Austin on 8/31/16.  
  • Attendees included representatives from 13 Texas counties to discuss the certification for the new systems. 
  • Four hours of public testimonyensued.  None of the speakers supported the certification of the new Hart InterCivic and ES&S systems. 
  • State Examiner reports can be found here for Hart InterCivic and ES&S.

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