Doctor on marijuna

(This is why the We The People-Longview Tea Party Executive Board opposes HB2165, Legalization of  Marijuana Bill introduced by State Representative David Simpson. Our Press Release on this issue is posted below.)

To Whom It May Concern:

There has been a lot of discussion and testimonials from Representative David Simpson advocating the introduction of Marijuana in Texas.
As a Christian physician and engrafted Texan (got here as soon as possible) I felt my fellow citizens deserved factual information concerning this issue. A physician friend who has been in addiction medicine for over 20 years and who practiced in Colorado and California provided insights and direction to the American Cancer Society and California Societies of Addiction Medicine thru which a great amount of scientific research has been carried out on marijuana.

The following is taken from the website of the California Addiction Society.

Dr. Jim Farr

MARIJUANA has been studied and the research done by doctors and scientists has shown the following consequences:

Short Term…
Marijuana intoxication causes well defined impairments of *memory, *sense of time, *sensory perception, *attention span, *problem solving, *verbal fluency, *reaction time, and psychomotor control. Therefore, impairment of intellectual activities as well as activities that require bodily control such as driving. These effects last 1-4 hours depending on the potency of the marijuana, the route of administration and the tolerance of the user.
Long Term…
Heavy marijuana use can cause subtle but persisting impairments in brain function that impact memory, attention, learning and information processing. Compared to adults, children and adolescents have a much greater vulnerability to the toxic effects of marijuana on the Brain, especially when alcohol and marijuana are used together.

Mental Health…
Heavy use can lead to addiction.
Marijuana can cause psychosis a state of mind characterized by an inability to distinguish between what is real and what is not.
Marijuana increases the risk of developing schizophrenia.
Marijuana has been strongly associated with panic, anxiety and depression disorders.
Social Function…
Marijuana use is strongly associated with poor school performance.
Among adolescents with pre-existing educational difficulties, marijuana may lead to school failure, an event with lifelong consequences or occupational opportunity.
Among adults, marijuana is associated with lower occupational status and higher unemployment.

Health Effects…
Marijuana smoke contains much of the same tar and chemicals found in tobacco smoke, leading to inflammation of the lungs and chronic lung disease.
Marijuana harms cells lining the respiratory tract, leading to precancerous changes associated with lung cancer, as well as head and neck cancer.
Marijuana stimulates the heart rate and blood pressure which increases the risk of heart attack among individuals with pre-existing heart disease.

Reproductive Effects…
The compounds found in marijuana readily cross the placenta where the growing fetus absorbs them and passes them into breast milk where the nursing infant ingests them.
Marijuana used during pregnancy and early development has been linked to low birth weight, developmental delay and behavioral problems including addiction.
Marijuana affects many aspects of reproductive physiology in both men and women, though the long-term consequences of these effects remain unclear.

The numerous claims of pain control, seizure control, treatment of multiple sclerosis, and other neurologic disease have not been valid when studied scientifically and amount to testimonials not science.

Below please find closing comments from Dr. Jim Farr…
Dr. Watson has first-hand experience with the Colorado experiment which he states “has failed miserably economically and socially.” There is no way to track sales. All business is cash (banks will not handle Marijuana funds). Therefore, no tracking, tax revenue or accountability exists.

Representative Simpson has declared this is a plant God made and should not be regulated by the government. Since it is highly addictive (#1 in the world) who else but the government can regulate. Scripture clearly establishes in Romans 13 that government is established by God and under His authority…a minister of God, an avenger who brings wrath on the one who practices evil.

In Chapter 14 it points out that all of our actions are to honor God and uplift our weaker brother and avoid participation in and contributing to activities which might cause him to stumble.

Marijuana is a harmful substance physically, mentally, socially and economically. It decreases the ability to become all for which we are created and numbs the mind and body even more than alcohol or tobacco with no clear medical use proven and reproduced by scientific research.
We need to make wise decisions concerning laws we allow on our children and community as we properly divide and discern the Word of Truth into each aspect of our lives. Texans beware of another attempt to dumb you down and make you subject to “One” other than your Maker.