Brewer: East Texans for Liberty's Kickoff

Bob Brewer

East Texans for Liberty had a fantastic kick off last night with their featured speaker Colonel Allen West.

Compared to most Tea Party functions, this one was flawless! The parking crew handled the overflow of vehicles with aplumb. The check-in table was well manned and greeted every attendee as they approached the building. At least two dozen of the ETx4Liberty team were wearing snappy monogramed ETx4L oxford shirts.

The lobby was perfect. Silent auction items were on display as the public entered the main auditorium and were escorted by more exquisitly uniformed members to their seats. Seating was extremely well organized with media, VIPs, family and special guests given extra attention. The sound system was flawless (it seemed Merle Hope was attending to that).

The drinks and pastries at the back were superb! You could taste the love of those who baked them! What an effort by such a great group! If their future is as impressive as their birth, the outlook for Liberty in Texas is as bright as that sun that Franklin described 270+ years ago.…

is a seven segment playlist of the evening. The first three are introductions of the ETx4L members who made the evening happen, elected officials, Cole Hefner and Keith Rothra MCs. The remaining four are 10 minute segments of Colonel Allen West.

Enjoy the videos. If you're like me, you'll be collaborating with this group frequently in the near future.


Bob Brewer