Austin Update & SB 10

In Austin, this week, ET4L's Legislative Committee Chair Desiree Watts and Executive Director Stacy McMahan went in separate directions, with the exception of the Texas Conservative Grassroots Coalition's (TCGC) Press Conference, while focusing on ET4L's top legislative priorities, as well as bills we strongly oppose. 

It has been a busy week filled with the House Budget vote and the Property Tax Hearing, among other bills. Yesterday, with the TCGC Press Conference, Texans for Vaccine Choice Freedom Fight Rally, and the Capitol. 

An immediate issue is regarding SB 10 and SB 11 - mental health bills that will turn our schools' into public mental health centers.

ET4L has learned that a TCGC statement and the video of yesterday's TCGC press conference will be released next week. In the meantime, read the TCGC Press Release here and East Texans for Liberty's position on SB 10 and SB 11 here

ET4L would like to thank JoAnn Fleming, Cindy Asmussen, Trayce Bradford, Pastor Stephan Broaden, Barbara Harless, Alice Linahan, and Rachel Malone for their informational statements concerning SB 10 and SB 11 yesterday.  

We also wish to give a shout out to SREC Bob Kecseg for his swift action on SB 10, back when SB 10 -- not SB 11 -- was before the Senate and roughly 147 other mental health bills were being pushed. The intent was blinking in neon.  (Reportedly now there are 400 mental health bills.) 

Additionally, ET4L wishes to thank all of the SREC members that attended yesterday's press conference, all of which are in unison in opposing SB 10 and SB 11.  


East Texans for Liberty joins in asking
Governor Greg Abbott to VETO SB 10. 

Be on the lookout for more on 
SB 10 & SB 11 next week!

ET4L is rounding out the week with a meeting tonight with RPT Chair James Dickey on his 2020 plan and the SREC vote tomorrow. 

Also, be sure to mark your calendar for ET4L's May 13th meeting for an update on the 86th Legislative Session. 

For Liberty, 

Stacy McMahan
Executive Director
East Texans for Liberty
(903) 500-2292