Assault on our Medical Freedom

Join the March 28th Medical Freedom Rally!

In 2015, seventy-five (75) passionate parents rallied at our state Capitol, as a direct response to a legislative assault of their parental rights, throwing their collective hat into the political arena to protect informed consent, medical privacy, and vaccine choice. Two years later, the newly formed organization would again lock arms at a rally with over 300 in attendance to advance the mission of liberty and freedom in their great state. Now in 2019, our hope is to once again join hundreds of liberty-loving Texans as we lead the nation in this fight for our basic rights to freely raise our children in the way we see fit without government intrusion or coercion. 

Regardless of where you stand on your choice to vaccinate, we can all agree that the nationwide assault on our constitutional rights, including our right to openly discuss and practice our deeply held beliefs, should be protected at all costs. As we head into this crucial history-in-the-making moment, when Texas will decide what liberties we will stand for and what we will hand over, we humbly seek your support at our March 28th rally to fight for our medical freedom to ensure that you continue to have the right to call the shots for you and your family! 

For more information and to register for the March 28th Rally on the South Stairs of the Capitol: 

East Texans for Liberty encourages your participation on March 28th!