PROJECT: Active Shooter Vests for Upshur County Law Enforcement



Earlier this year, BL.Uprepared and East Texans for Liberty joined efforts to raise funds to outfit the men and women in Upshur County law enforcement with Active Shooter Vests.  

Through gracious donations by area businesses the Upshur County Sheriff's Department, Ore City Police Department, and Upshur County Constables have all received their vests.  An Active Shooter Vest was obtained for the East Mountain Police Department, however, upon shipment of the vests, the East Mountain Police officer resigned. 

Last Friday, before Upshur County Commissioners Court convened, East Texans for Liberty learned Big Sandy Police Department had not outfitted their officers with Active Shooter Vests, as the Gilmer Police Department. 

"We are very appreciative to Brandy Lee, the Upshur County Auditor, and Big Sandy Police Sgt. Ryan Kuhn for their assistance in clarifying the misunderstanding concerning Big Sandy's Police Department," said ET4L President Stacy McMahan. 

Today, BL.Uprepared and East Texans for Liberty received approval from Big Sandy's Chief of Police Tim Scott and Big Sandy Mayor Sonny Parsons. 

"ET4L will begin raising funds for six (6) needed Active Shooter Vests for the Big Sandy Police Department," McMahan said.