Gov. Abbott calls property tax reform his top priority in special session



Senator Bettencourt: Governor Abbott stated that his "top priority" for the special session, which got underway today, is property taxes. Property taxes throughout Texas are growing 2 1/3 times faster than Texan's income. This is unsustainable. That is why I plan to introduce legislation (Senate Bill 1) in the special session for property tax reform and relief. As appraised values go up, tax rates should come down. This is why Lt. Governor named it one of his top priorities in the regular session and why it is such a critical issue for the special session.

Texans expect us to take a vote on the property tax reform and relief provisions in Senate Bill 1. Share and call your Representative, if you agree. 

House District 7: Jay Dean (512) 463-0750
House District 6: Matt Schaefer (512) 463-3217
House District 5: Cole Hefner (512) 463-0271
House District 9: Chris Paddie (512) 463-0556 
House District 11: Travis Clardy (512) 463-0592 
House District 1: Gary VanDeaver (512) 463-0692

Gov. Abbott: I'm keeping a list of lawmakers who oppose me during special session

Gov. Greg Abbott says he's going to keep a list of lawmakers who oppose his agenda during the special legislative session, and that property tax reform is his top priority. 

Gov. Greg Abbott said that he would publicly call out lawmakers who didn’t support his 20-item legislative agenda while Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick came out swinging against House leadership during Monday appearances on the eve of Texas' special legislative session.

Abbott said he would aggressively hold lawmakers accountable for their positions on his legislative agenda and encouraged others to do the same. 

“I’m going to be establishing a list,” he said in remarks before the Texas Public Policy Foundation, a conservative think tank. “We all need to establish lists that we publish on a daily basis to call people out — who is for this, who is against this, who has not taken a position yet. No one gets to hide.”

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