Gregg County GOP Chili Cookoff



Saturday, May 16, 2015

2366 Danville Road, Kilgore 75662
(map and directions here)


There will be three categories of entries:  (1) Elected Officials Division; (2) Corporate Division; (3) Open Division. A winner will be selected by the judges for each division and then one of the three winners will be declared the “Grand Champion”. Judging will begin at 4:00 PM.

Additional recognition will be given for “Best Decorations”, “Best Appetizer”, “Best Cornbread”, “Best Dessert” and “Best Dressed Team”.  The prize for the winners is “bragging rights” until the next Gregg County Republican Party Chili Cook Off in the spring of 2017. Food service will begin at 5:00 PM.

There will be a silent auction of items donated to the event.

Event organizers will provide bowls, spoons, napkins, crackers, bread, beans and desserts. Limited seating will be available so please bring your lawn chairs.

Non-alcoholic beverages will be provided. Bring you own if you want something stronger, but please drink responsibly.

DEFINITION:  Chili is defined as being made with meat, red or green chili peppers, spices and sauce ingredients.  IT DOES NOT CONTAIN BEANS OR PASTA!

*ON-SITE PREPARATION: Cooking must be done on site. Pre-mixing of spices, chopping of onions and the use of canned ingredients like canned tomatoes is permitted. The meat must not be pre-cooked in any way. Ingredients must be combined on-site.

*TIME LIMIT: Cooking can commence any time after 10:00 AM and must be concluded by 4:00 PM.

*CHILI VOLUME: Entries must prepare at least two quarts of chili. Even more will be good because we hope to have a large crowd of attendees to enjoy a chili supper. A certain amount will be needed for tasting by the judges and the remainder will be enjoyed by the attendees. Any remaining chili may be donated to the Highway 80 Rescue Mission and the organizers will ensure that it is delivered.

*ANONYMITY: Each entry will be assigned a number for the official judging sheet to ensure that there is no actual or perceived bias on the part of the judges.

Color — Does the chili look appetizing? Does it look bright and colorful or dull and bland?
Aroma — Does it smell good? Does the aroma make you want to dig in?
Consistency — How is the meat-to-sauce ratio? It shouldn’t be runny, mushy or overly thick.
Taste — Do the ingredients blend well, or is one overpowering? Does the first bite make you want another?
Aftertaste — Once you swallow, is there a spicy taste (“bite”) that stays on your tongue? Is it pleasant?

Danville Farms, Kilgore, Texas
GPS Coordinates:
32 degrees 24 minutes
04.08 seconds North

94 degrees 49 minutes
36.97 seconds West

From US 259 that loops around the East side of Kilgore, turn east on Danville Road. Entrance to Danville Farms will be on your right a few hundred yards from US 259.
(get map and directions here)


Download the form below and return it to the Republican Party HQs or by email.

2015 Chili Cookoff Form

Three ways to pay:

May 16, 2015 at 4pm - 7pm
2366 Danville Rd
Kilgore , TX 75662
United States
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Marty Rhymes · 903.297.1908